Powerdown220 Managing Operational Risks During COVID-19

1.Powerdown220 Pre-installation safety assessment

Our service desk will call and conduct a safety assessment to ensure your site is safe to enter. The following guidelines must be met in order for our installation technicians to enter your business:

• You must be able to support physical distancing of at least 2m while the technician is working at your site

• You must be able to support plant room isolation while the technicians are working in the plant room (i.e. no one else in the same room)

• The technician will ask you some health screening questions endorsed by the UK Medical Advisory Committee in consideration of public health guidance and our obligation to maintain a safe environment for our team and customers

• If you do not meet the guidelines set by the UK Govt Health and Safety,

the technician will reschedule for a later time.

2. Before arriving for the Installation

Powerdown220 Technicians perform daily health screenings, including daily regular

temperature tests, to ensure they are safe to enter your site. The technician will be

wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the entirety of the install, which includes a mask, gloves and boot covers.

3. During your Installation

Powerdown220 technicians will complete as much work as possible from outside your site and then call to arrange to enter your site only when necessary. If deemed safe, the technician will then enter your site to complete the installation.


Powerdown220 are delighted to be exhibiting at EMEX 2021

Powerdown220 are delighted to be exhibiting at EMEX 2021. Come and meet the team at stand b62 to discuss how we are using technology to help UK Businesses improve their energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and reduce carbon emissions against a backdrop of rising energy prices. We deliver guaranteed savings via Voltage Optimisation (VO) or Coolnomix technology.

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Introducing: Ged Hebdige

Looking back now, it feels as though I was educated in a bygone era. Unlike today, (where I grew up at least) kids left school at 16 and didn’t think they had an automatic right to stay on for A levels and progress to Uni. No, we accepted that only the really, really, clever kids went to Uni. Despite having access to a computer, a Sinclair ZX81 (this was 1981, Google it kids) there was no internet, no YouTube, blogging or vlogging, so my chances of becoming an ‘influencer’ were remote, to say the least. TV was limited to three channels, reality TV didn’t exist, so becoming a celebrity nobody wasn’t an option. For me, like the many millions of other average kids leaving school that year, the only option was to get a job!

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Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation – what exactly is it

Quite simply, the basic principle of Voltage Optimisation (VO) is to it is to reduce the voltage level from that of the incoming grid supply to match the needs of your electrical equipment. Unfortunately, electrical equipment can consume more energy at higher voltages, so the higher your supply voltage is, the more likely you are needlessly wasting energy. High supply voltages are also a major contributor to the premature failure of electrical equipment, so you are also ‘burning out’ your equipment.

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