A unique patented Energy Saving Solution

Coolnomix is a fast fit, low cost, high impact intelligent thermostat for AC and Refrigeration

Who We Are

– Inverter based (VRV & VRF) air conditioners
– Package based and double expansion (DX) units
– Commercial split – type air conditioners
– Ducted air – conditioners with AHU’s
– Industrial refrigerators:manufacturing sector
– Retail refrigerators: chilled goods dairy display units
– Walk – in refrigerators: hotel & catering
– Wine warehousing refrigeration
– Beer Cellars
– Data Centres
– Telecoms repeater stations
– Comms rooms
– Server rooms



Return On Investment

The ROI when installing Coolnomix is dictated by the following data;-
ROI is calculated by analysing the following data:

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