KP Foods 

KP Foods manufacture high quality savoury snacks. They pride themselves on having a thorough environmental management system and make a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment, constantly seeking improvements to minimise their environmental impact.

Powerdown220 established the voltage and load profile, and proposed that implementing a VO project would significantly reduce CO2 emissions on site (over 93 tonnes per year), minimising their carbon footprint as well as yielding energy cost savings.

The ECO-MAX-POWER 800A Unit (including ‘Brownout’ under voltage inhibit) and Power Factor Correction equipment was installed on 29th September 2012. Voltage on site was reduced by 7%.


The overall project cost was £28,635.31, with a payback period of 24.6 months.


Powerdown220 anticipated consumption savings of 9.24%. This was exceeded in subsequent post install analysis, and average savings of 10.2% were recorded.

KP were satisfied with the results of the installation, and felt confident that the ECO-MAX optimiser was contributing to their environmental targets. KP have also found that due to the reduction in voltage spikes and fluctuations, electrical equipment has a longer operational life and works more effectively at the reduced voltage.

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