Our Customer’s Problem:


Euro Garages engaged in a program to reduce their Co2 emissions by an estimated 1.1 Tonnes a year. During this they replaced all their internal and external lighting across their Motorway Service Station sites with energy efficient LED’s. Euro Garages were experiencing premature failure of the LED drivers and the LED lighting manufacturer established the cause was high / over voltage.

Powerdown220 were contacted to optimise the voltage and in turn stop these issues.


Powerdown220 surveyed the Rivington South Motorway Services site on the M61, and carried out electrical supply monitoring and analysis, and discovered that voltages were climbing higher than CE and grid tolerances allow. This was due to prevailing high grid voltages in the area, being boosted further still by the solar PV system generation, which is all too common.

Our Eco-Max Solution:

Our eco-max EMC250i, (3phase 250A Voltage Optimiser) was installed, which comes with in-built metering and remote monitoring. This reduced the damaging high voltages being applied to the whole site, including the expensive LED light fittings, which no longer fail prematurely. Their solar panels alone are generating 1.6 million KW of energy so the eco-max works in harmony alongside their important Solar PV system to stop the damaging voltages.


ADDED BONUS Euro Garages, Rivington South also receives an energy saving of 6.9% from the eco-max Voltage Optimiser, on top of the cost savings from reduced lighting maintenance and repairs! This alone allows the whole project to pay for itself in just 20 months.

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