Langstone Plastics Save Over £1 million In Wasted Electricity over 10 years by Installing a Voltage Optimiser

Langstone Plastics, based in Nuneaton, recently installed one of our Eco max VO units. Our VO unit has reduced their electricity spend by 7.22% saving them over £61000 every year. Over 10 years, factoring in inflation, Langstone Plastics will save over £1million in wasted electricity overspend. The unit will fully repay itself within 23 months and is covered by a 15 year manufacturing warranty. By reducing your voltage, we reduce your spend on electricity.

A simple statement but one we can guarantee once we have completed a simple power reduction survey. All our installations are guaranteed to reduce your Electricity spend along with reducing your carbon footprint and improving the lifespan of all your plant and equipment.