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Reduce Your Overheads and Secure your Future Energy with Solar PV

Power Your Business with Solar

Powerdown220 Solar provide UK businesses with a full turn key design, installation and maintenance service for Solar PV. We also offer our clients bespoke financial packages to suit their individual needs.


There are significant financial and environmental benefits for organisations that invest in solar panels. Solar is now acknowledged as one of the fastest growing energy sources worldwide. Conversely whilst energy prices continue to increase year on year the cost of installing solar has dropped.


A solar panel is designed to provide free electricity for at least 25 years and achieve financial returns of up to 20% per annum. Typical installation costs are payed back in around 5 years.

Environmental Benefits

The worlds leading scientists have advised that if we continue to burn fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil we risk a world wide man made disaster. If we are to avoid irreparably damaging our planet we must dramatically increase the rate at which we generate, store and distribute our power from solar and other renewable sources.

Solar panels can help to reduce your organisations carbon footprint. A typical 250kWp solar PV system will offset approximately 65 tonnes of CO2. Solar installations are now one of the most popular sustainable energy solutions enjoying low impact visualisation, zero noise pollution and cost saving energy benefits that can improve your energy bills by up to 40% per annum.

Our Partners

Integrum Power Engineering is an electrical engineering design & build contractor specialising in high voltage power distribution projects and maintenance. Integrum Power Engineering have over 75 years of experience in power transmission & distribution, having spent the majority of their careers working in project or commissioning management on major turnkey projects up to 400kV.

As our partners, Ortus Energy (as part of the Integrum Power group) identify, finance, build and own C&I renewable energy projects across the UK. With an experienced team that has delivered over 300mw of Solar solutions in Europe, the USA and India, their expertise is invaluable when implementing our strategies. Being vertically integrated right through to Integrum Power group gives us access to world-class engineering expertise and means we have control with any collaborative projects.

As a subsidiary of Shawton Engineering, Shawton Energy provide Powerdown220 crucial expertise in a field where structures are required to withstand years of uninterrupted service in the most challenging and harshest of environments. Shawton Engineering brings its specialist engineering knowledge to the partnership to fulfil these needs in a simple and efficient manner. The combination of a skilled and flexible workforce, together with a detailed knowledge of fabrication techniques enables Shawton to provide an integral puzzle piece producing high-quality sustainable solutions to complement the net-zero vision.

Integrating Solar & VO

We are one of the few UK energy solution providers that can provide a full turn key integrated VO & Solar solution. Integrating VO with Solar is a competitive way to dramatically improve your on site savings your solar panels produce by reducing overall consumption by a further 10% per annum.

Powerdown220 PPA & Funding Solutions

Whilst self financing remains the most popular way of purchasing solar panels and offers the best returns over the life of the system many of our clients have limited budgets or want to focus their capital on expanding their businesses.


Powerdown220 in partnership with our specialist funding suppliers can fund the installation of any solar PV installation allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits of VO & Solar PV whilst preserving their working capital enabling them to invest in their core business. We enable our clients through our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to start their clean energy journey with no upfront capital cost.


In simple terms, a solar PPA enables our clients to rent their roof space and buy the discounted solar electricity rather than invest in a solar PV system. Our clients realise and enjoy savings from DAY 1 and benefit for the full term of the agreement.


Our funding solutions are designed to ensure that a system delivers the forecasted savings and performs in line with expectations for at least the next 25 years. Once the term ends ownership of the installed and maintained system passes to you.

Why Invest in an Integrated Powerdown220 Sustainable Power Solution:

No Capital Expenditure

Guaranteed Savings

Reduced Carbon Footprint

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