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Quick and easy to fit, the Eco-Max Commercial Voltage Optimiser will make an instant impact on the profitability of your business.

Eco - Max Commercial

Save up to 19% on your electricity bills by installing a three phase voltage optimiser. Thanks to Harmonisation across Europe (that won’t be changed by Brexit), electrical appliances are designed to operate at 230v and are optimally efficient at 220v. Any supply voltage above this causes wasted consumption (kWh). The UK average supply is 242v!

By reducing or ‘Optimising’ the voltage supply to your electrical equipment you make instant savings. In addition to the immediate reduction of your utilities bill, you will prolong the life of your equipment by reducing power consumption; as well as reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation.

3 versions available:

Five adjustable savings settings provide a fixed percentage voltage reduction to match your business’s needs.  Floor standing and selected space-saving wall-mounted options available.

Five adjustable saving settings for voltage reduction with integral BrownOut™ under voltage inhibit, status indication and remote metering and monitoring as standard.

Both types of optimiser are off the shelf standard stocked items and generally 2-3 days delivery.

(Larger units are assembled to order 3-4 weeks)

We regularly encounter specific site challenges which require bespoke solutions. As a result we use a modular approach to building optimisers (VO units) which can include any or all of the following :


•  Available for all transformer loads up to 3,000kVa (4,350Amps).

•  Built to BS61439 and BS61558 (low voltage switchgear) standards under ISO9001 (2015) process accreditation.

• Configured to fit specific available space.

• Configured to allow cable connections to left, right top or bottom of the unit.

• Can be supplied  fully weather proof  to allow positioning outdoors.

• 5 adjustable voltage reduction settings (6,7,8,9,10%), so optimisation can be sensitive to specific site requirements. alternative reduction settings are available with bespoke units.

• BrownOut™. Automatic low voltage seamless inhibit feature which ensures the optimised voltage is never too low

• Optimisation Bypass (sometimes referred to as inhibit, or bypass). A simple turn of the key switch takes the optimiser seamlessly into inhibit mode so the Grid supply to site is delivered unchecked. In this mode the optimiser can be both serviced and the reduction settings adjusted without any interruption in the power delivered to site.

• TrueBypass™, (sometimes referred to as a System Bypass or Wraparound Switch). Security of supply is guaranteed. The provision of a simple switch allows even non-technical staff to quickly disconnect the optimiser. Used in the unlikely event of a fault on the system this feature connects the site directly to the Grid supply as well as electrically isolating the optimiser.

• Intelligent monitoring / reporting Review historical grid voltage, optimised voltage and current down to minute intervals, review your half hour energy consumption
download data for analysis alter optimiser settings.

• 10-15 year Manufacturer Guarantee. Subject to model and servicing.

• Power Factor Correction.  Reactive power charges are increasing and the issue of supply limits can at least in part be addressed by the inclusion of a fully automated dynamic PFC module within the optimiser.

• Harmonic Filtration. All electronic appliances and machinery generate harmonic distortion, the results of which are problematic for many businesses. Harmonics not only waste energy, but cause serious issues like the overheating of distribution transformers and cabling, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. Premature failure of machinery and unexplained ‘anomalies’ in machine control systems often result in costly production stoppages. The inclusion of a fully automated dynamic Harmonic mitigation module within the optimiser will protect you against these problems whilst ensuring you remain compliant with IEC or G5/4-1 (whichever is applicable to your operation), which specifies the enforceable design limits for levels of Harmonic distortion.

• Lightning/Surge Protection. Whether concerns arise from increased climate volatility, or whether you’re aware of renewable generation causing increased incidence on the Grid of transient surges, the increased sensitivity of electronic equipment in particular means Surge Protection is a vital tool to give customers peace of mind. Lightning and surge protection is now mandatory for all businesses, as detailed in BS7671 the current 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. The majority of insurance providers insist on compliance with BS7671 as part of their terms and condition of cover, if you do not comply you are not covered!

This facility can be specified as an addition to the Eco-Max Power and Eco-Max Commercial units. Ideal for use by non-technical staff this switch allows you to manually bypass the Optimiser Unit and converts the supply to its original, non-optimised level. Ideal for testing new equipment or when you have an electrical fault.


Because the Eco-Max Power range is bespoke manufactured by GWE to suit a specific site we can combine it with any other Power Quality solutions that may have been highlighted as a requirement for the site, during the detailed survey for example. By combining our other technologies such as Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filtration and Surge Protection the Eco-Max Power Range can be a fully comprehensive Power Quality Solution for your whole site


Since 1993 all electrical equipment designed for the European market must carry a CE mark. This mark shows that the appliance will work across the harmonised range 207v – 253v. In the UK electricity is supplied at an average of 242v; a supply which can often be as high as 253v. Critically lots of our equipment works most efficiently at 220v.


How much money am I wasting paying for electricity I’m not using?

By overvolting your equipment, you are paying for energy you don’t need. This really mounts up when your business is one that needs to leave electrical devices running all day and in many cases, all night as well.  Here’s a list of appliances that will save you money when operated at a voltage closer to the level they were designed to run at.

* NB – Appliances vary in their voltage dependence. We help you work out actual savings you will achieve given your specific mix of appliances. For more info, request a Free Survey.

Not only does the power oversupply to equipment mean you are paying for more electricity, but it shortens the life of your appliances. By reducing voltage supply to your equipment with an Eco-Max voltage optimiser, it is possible to make a substantial energy saving and prolong the life of your company’s assets.

How do I know it works?

You will be able to see for yourself exactly what you are saving, in real time, anytime and from any PC, Tablet or smartphone with the remote monitoring system… Please go to the case studies section to see examples from the various business sectors benefitting from our products/services.

Save and Protect Intelligently with REMOTE METERING AND MONITORING

Even larger business?

Try energy saving on an industrial scale….

See our Case Studies of how Eco-Max Power has benefited other companies in your industry.

Eco - Max Power

It all starts with a comprehensive site survey. Our experienced team will spend a day at your premises getting to know your power usage patterns and making a note of the equipment you have.


We then go away and create a detailed savings report outlining exactly how much you will benefit from Voltage Optimisation; a document we use as part of our guarantee.


Every Eco-Max Power we sell is manufactured specifically for your business. Using a range of add-on modules we adapt the system to perfectly match your power requirements. No two systems are the same; but using a modular approach we are able to offer you a bespoke solution at an off the shelf price.


Power Optimisers are bespoke built to suit a sites specific requirements.


If you use any of the following electrical equipment, over long periods of time, then your business can benefit from extraordinary savings on your electricity bills when you install an Eco-Max Power Voltage Optimiser.


Most businesses will have some inductive loads that leads to its supply having poor power factor and this can lead to your electricity supplier charging additional ‘reactive power charges’ and ‘service capacity charges’, in addition to your standard KWhr charges itemised on your electricity bills. Even if you haven’t noticed these charges yet, as suppliers utilise more of their smart meters functions, most are gradually beginning to add these charges and we have seen some bills rise over 20% overnight.

Poor power factor also means unnecessary increased current is drawn from the supply and the threat of blowing main fuses if the supply capacity is exceeded.

Installing Eco-Max Power Factor Correction will reduce your overall power consumption, leading to lower electricity bills and reduced charges. Due to the effects of power stabilisation, heat reduction, and voltage drop reductions there will be an overall improvement in power quality resulting in increased life expectancy of electrical equipment and leading to an increase in your supply spare capacity.

Generally installed at the main incoming supply point all our Power Factor Correction solutions are bespoke and tailored to a specific site’s requirements.  Our units are manufactured in the UK, using quality components and steel enclosures to prevent corrosion and exposure to harsh environments.


Did you know that a lightning strike miles away can cause a surge that can damage appliances in your business ?

Modern businesses are full of expensive electrical and electronic systems, yet these critical systems are at risk from the regular occurrences of transient over-voltage surges.


Lightning strikes, and other power grid surges from sub-station switching and power cuts etc are the main causes of electrical device failure so protection against these over-voltages should be a fundamental part of our electrical system configurations. Fitted quickly and easily by a qualified electrician, it will provide you with peace of mind whilst it silently protects all your electrical equipment. Lightning and surge protection can be installed at your incoming supply point, or at the supply point of a specific piece of equipment to be protected, or where necessary, both.

Remember, surges can even be caused from within your own business from such as your machinery starting and stopping, and these can gradually break down insulation of electronic devices, its not only about a lightning strike.

Don’t be like most people who wait for the next surge to already have damaged your expensive equipment before you act!


Why is a lot of the power they use going to waste?
Here in the UK electricity suppliers can supply voltage to a building between 216v and 253v, although we often see higher. In order to maintain the supply at peak periods, and at the furthest distance from their substation or power plant, your provider is likely to supply voltage at the upper end of this range. If your supply voltage is higher than it needs to be, you are consuming more power than you actually need.

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