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Guaranteed to Eliminate Electricity Overspend & Waste

Grid supply in the UK averages 242 volts yet every electrical appliance will work more efficiently at 220 volts. Incoming voltage above 220v is waste. With voltage optimised electricity bills are reduced on average by between 8% and 12% annually saving companies millions £££ in waste.

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Guaranteed To Protect and Prolong the lifespan of all Electrical appliances & equipment

By reducing incoming voltage the lifespan of all electrical equipment and appliances is improved by up to 46% (BS7671). Reducing the negative impact of heat dramatically reduces maintenance costs and improves the lifespan of all electrical equipment and appliances.

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Guaranteed to Reduce Carbon Emissions

By reducing the energy you are consuming lowers your carbon footprint and reduces harmful emissions

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Keeping Businesses Cool and Operating More Profitably on their journey to Net Zero
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High impact technology delivering up to 40% reduction in electricity use
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Our Clients:

15 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Finance Options Available on All Capital Expenditure
100% Savings Guarantee on Every Installation
Quality Guaranteed – 30 Year + Life Expectancy on Every VO Unit
Made In Sheffield

Recently Installed:

All businesses can benefit from voltage optimisation. Hotels in particular will gain from extended working life of equipment. 


The Dakota Hotel in Leeds reduced their electricity bill by £10,828 per year.


• 59.2% Return on investment

• Energy consumption reduction by 8.55%

• Harmful carbon emissions cut by 35,529 Kg

• Equipment will last up to 50% longer!


10.2% average energy savings achieved by the ECO-MAX Voltage Optimisation Unit


KP Foods manufacture high quality savoury snacks. They pride themselves on having a thorough environmental management system and make a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment, constantly seeking improvements to minimise their environmental impact.


Powerdown220 established the voltage and load profile, and proposed that implementing a VO project would significantly reduce CO2 emissions on site (over 93 tonnes per year), minimising their carbon footprint as well as yielding energy cost savings.


The ECO-MAX-POWER 800A Unit (including ‘Brownout’ under voltage inhibit) and Power Factor Correction equipment was installed on 29th September 2012. Voltage on site was reduced by 7%. The overall project cost was £28,635.31, with a payback period of 24.6 months.


Powerdown220 anticipated consumption savings of 9.24%. This was exceeded in subsequent post install analysis, and average savings of 10.2% were recorded.


KP were satisfied with the results of the installation, and felt confident that the ECO-MAX optimiser was contributing to their environmental targets. KP have also found that due to the reduction in voltage spikes and fluctuations, electrical equipment has a longer operational life and works more effectively at the reduced voltage.


Our Customer’s Problem:

Euro Garages engaged in a program to reduce their Co2 emissions by an estimated 1.1 Tonnes a year. During this they replaced all their internal and external lighting across their Motorway Service Station sites with energy efficient LED’s. Euro Garages were experiencing premature failure of the LED drivers and the LED lighting manufacturer established the cause was high / over voltage. Powerdown220 were contacted to optimise the voltage and in turn stop these issues.

Powerdown220 surveyed the Rivington South Motorway Services site on the M61, and carried out electrical supply monitoring and analysis, and discovered that voltages were climbing higher than CE and grid tolerances allow. This was due to prevailing high grid voltages in the area, being boosted further still by the solar PV system generation, which is all too common.


Our eco-max solution

Our eco-max EMC250i, (3phase 250A Voltage Optimiser) was installed, which comes with in-built metering and remote monitoring. This reduced the damaging high voltages being applied to the whole site, including the expensive LED light fittings, which no longer fail prematurely. Their solar panels alone are generating 1.6 million KW of energy so the eco-max works in harmony alongside their important Solar PV system to stop the damaging voltages.

ADDED BONUS Euro Garages, Rivington South also receives an energy saving of 6.9% from the eco-max Voltage Optimiser, on top of the cost savings from reduced lighting maintenance and repairs! This alone allows the whole project to pay for itself in just 20 months.

The Manchester International Office Centre, is a familiar sight for all South Manchester commuters heading to the airport. Its total 100,000 sq ft of space is divided into suites from 400 to 16,000 sq. ft.


The electrical infrastructure at MIOC is a single transformer supply into the building. The landlord sub-meters so each tenant only pays for the energy they use. Locating and installing the Voltage Optimiser in the required position was a significant challenge but it was completed with minimum disruption. Incoming Grid voltage was consistently high, at 246v average throughout the building. As a result it was possible to set the Optimiser to reduce voltage by the maximum 10% resulting in a 16.2% Kwh reduction in consumption directly from the Optimiser simply doing its job.


Annual Electricity Spend = £97,343.25
Project Cost = £34,644 + vat
Energy Consumption reduced by 16.2%
Annual Saving = £15,720
10 year savings = £216,912
Payback period = 26.4 months in full.
Carbon Reduction = 83.813kg


IrvinGQ formerly known as Airborne Systems, is an aerospace manufacturing company based in Llangeinor, Wales, United Kingdom. It specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of a range of parachutes and emergency, rescue and survival equipment for both the military and civilian markets.IrvinGQ recently installed one of our Eco max VO units. Our VO unit has reduced their electricity spend by 12.92% saving them over £21000 every year!

”Powerdown were the chosen contractor for supplying and installing x3 Voltage Optimisers on 2 different sites.They installed the 160,250 800 amp Inteli version which is simple to control and navigate remotely if required. I am currently saving between 9-11% on electricity since the install. The install went exactly as planned in a safe professional manner and the switch over transition was seamless. If you are installing a VO then I would highly recommend Stuart and his team. ‘


Anthony Forrest, Facilities Manager 


Now more than ever, reducing waste and saving money is so important.


Join Irvin GQ in benefitting from VO.

Kelloggs have been working for years to continually improve their environmental performance, specifically looking at reducing their energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste sent to landfill sites.
Part of this process involved surveying the facility, with a view to identifying actions to reduce energy consumption. It became clear that voltage optimisation would be beneficial in reducing the Manchester facility’s energy consumption and offer considerable cost savings too.


Powerdown220 were contacted as a potential supplier, and it emerged that Powerdown220 were the only company that could supply a single optimiser solution.

Data logging allowed us to measure consumption and provide baseline figures. During this process it became clear that the site suffered from large loading swings which made it unsuitable for standard forms of fixed voltage optimisation.
Powerdown220’s optimisers are used to optimise the voltage to a single piece of equipment, localised area or an entire building. They can be supplied with fixed or variable outputs, with or without power factor correction.


In this instance a voltage tracking (stabilised) optimiser was designed to deal with the specific issues identified, and to achieve the maximum possible energy saving. The unit was installed and further data logging carried out to measure the savings.


Powerdown220 – MAX paid for itself in only 21 months, reducing their annual electricity bill by £37,500 per annum


Reduction in Consumption PA 463,176 KWh

Reduction in Electricity Cost PA £40,226.84

Reduction in CO2 Emissions PA 243 Tonnes

Total Project Cost £71,061.52

Payback Period 21.2 Months


Betfred is a large independent Bookmakers, established in 1967. With their head office in Birchwood, Warrington, have a large portfolio of premises nationwide. Betfred are passionate about the implementation of energy saving measures throughout their business to help them reduce their overall energy spend and achieve their green energy targets.

Betfred decided to use Powerdown220 as their voltage optimisation supplier following an extensive search within the VO marketplace. Contributing factors were Powerdow20’s great reputation with blue-chip clients (e.g. Tesco, Amazon, Deutsche Bank) and that Powerdown220 were able to produce the volume of units, to a high quality standard, within specified timeframes, and they considered excellent customer service of paramount importance.

15% average energy savings achieved by POWER DOWN, saving of £3,353 per year, across five trial shops

“It was decided across the board that implementing a voltage optimisation project would effectively reduce our site voltages to a more desirable level, minimising stresses on branch equipment, reducing overall energy consumption and reducing the cost of our electricity bills”

– Len Hodges (Estates Manager, Betfred)

Powerdown220 Coolnomix

Powerdown220 Managing Operational Risks During COVID-19

Our service desk will call and conduct a safety assessment to ensure your site is safe to enter. Download our Powerdown220 COVID-19 Safety Assesment and Installation Protocol


Latest News:


Powerdown220 are delighted to be exhibiting at EMEX 2021

Powerdown220 are delighted to be exhibiting at EMEX 2021. Come and meet the team at stand b62 to discuss how we are using technology to help UK Businesses improve their energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and reduce carbon emissions against a backdrop of rising energy prices. We deliver guaranteed savings via Voltage Optimisation (VO) or Coolnomix technology.

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Looking back now, it feels as though I was educated in a bygone era. Unlike today, (where I grew up at least) kids left school at 16 and didn’t think they had an automatic right to stay on for A levels and progress to Uni. No, we accepted that only the really, really, clever kids went to Uni. Despite having access to a computer, a Sinclair ZX81 (this was 1981, Google it kids) there was no internet, no YouTube, blogging or vlogging, so my chances of becoming an ‘influencer’ were remote, to say the least. TV was limited to three channels, reality TV didn’t exist, so becoming a celebrity nobody wasn’t an option. For me, like the many millions of other average kids leaving school that year, the only option was to get a job!

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Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation – what exactly is it

Quite simply, the basic principle of Voltage Optimisation (VO) is to it is to reduce the voltage level from that of the incoming grid supply to match the needs of your electrical equipment. Unfortunately, electrical equipment can consume more energy at higher voltages, so the higher your supply voltage is, the more likely you are needlessly wasting energy. High supply voltages are also a major contributor to the premature failure of electrical equipment, so you are also ‘burning out’ your equipment.

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