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Now, more than ever, in these challenging economic times, every organisation should be interested in reducing their operating costs by eliminating costly waste and overspend.

Over the last 12 months and throughout lockdown, Powerdown220 have worked closely with businesses across every sector of the economy eliminating their electricity overspend by implementing Voltage Optimisation (VO) solutions on a site, head office or distribution centre level.
Grid supply in the UK averages 242 volts yet every electrical appliance will work more efficiently at 220 volts. By reducing incoming voltage our clients save on average between 8% and 12% off their electricity bills and improve dramatically the lifespan of all their electrical equipment saving thousands in maintenance and burn out.
Even though VO still remains one of the UK’s best kept secrets we are actively working throughout lockdown, with our COVID approved installation team, to pro – actively save UK business hundreds of thousands of £££ every year in wasted electricity overspend. On average we are saving our typical client £75,000 every single year with an average payback period of under 18 months!

Powerdown220, alongside our partner GWE Energy, have since 1994, installed over 5,000 Voltage Optimisers across every industry sector in the UK

GWE is an electrical engineering company founded in 1994, and now recognised as the original manufacturer of Voltage Optimisation systems. One of the first companies in the UK to be awarded the ISO9001:2015 accreditation, every GWE optimiser is manufactured under the prestigious Made in Sheffield mark, and supported by a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Powerdown220 are proud to work exclusively alongside GWE delivering energy saving solutions across the UK. We are proud of our outstanding reputation for build quality, reliability and ongoing after sales support. 


Why Choose Powerdown220?

Through our Free Survey, we acquire the understanding of your electricity use necessary to calculate the impact of voltage optimisation on your business. We guarantee the voltage reduction percentage and calculate the resulting reduction in kWh you will enjoy year on year for the full working life of the Optimisation unit we install .  By sticking firmly to the science (Ohm’s Law), you see robust reliable numbers on which you can confidently base your decision…

About Emissis

Emissis are a leading energy and cleantech company helping private and public sector businesses to unlock the benefits of reducing carbon emissions and energy use. They help their customers to understand how they can use proven modern technology, and support services, to transition to net zero carbon operations.
Powerdown220 are delighted to be able to announce a unique partnership with Emissis to supply our customers with their unrivalled high impact energy saving technology Coolnomix. VO & Coolnomix can work together or individually to reduce our clients energy consumption and carbon emissions whilst improving the lifespan of all their electrical equipment and appliances.

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