Improve your energy rates and reduce your company’s energy costs

Get access to the best prices on the market

We can improve your tariff and reduce your business’s energy costs. Switch your tariff with Powerdown220 and get access to the cheapest prices on the market with zero service costs!

We will do all the leg work and ensure you don’t waste time or money procuring your energy. We will use our smart technology to source you the best deal available for your business.

How do we do it?

We buy at the right time

We constantly monitor the energy market, allowing us to forward buy our clients’ energy at the low points of a constantly fluctuating market.

Smart Technology

Our custom built quoting tool generates a quote in minutes. Whilst scanning the system for the cheapest rate possible

Multiple Suppliers

We have access to 17 major energy companies ensuring we offer the best price available. Prices can differ between companies by 28%. meaning having a range of different suppliers with different abilities is key.

Energy Audit & Power Survey

As part of our service we offer a full energy survey of your company to establish all areas of your business your could be making savings, improving energy efficiency, rates or reducing carbon.

Why choose Powerdown220 to reduce your energy rates?

Many of our clients believe they are getting cheaper rates. However, many providers over-inflate hidden tariffs and charges, which results in the total bill being higher than it first seems.

Powerdown220’s experts will review your bills and advise where you can save. 

Alongside ensuring our client’s sites are as efficient as possible, we want to ensure they are also paying the cheapest rates for their energy.

Case Studies


Voltage optimisation cutting carbon footprint

Can Voltage Optimisation Help My Businesses Carbon Footprint?

Wondering if voltage optimisation (VO) is a smart investment for your company? It’s often unclear how VO can impact your carbon footprint and energy costs. Our latest blog at Powerdown220 explores how VO can benefit your business and help the environment. Let our experts guide you through the advantages of this technology.

A power line and pylon on a green hill

Saving energy doesnt have to be sexy

When businesses are looking for energy-saving technologies, there are many different options to invest in. Not all of these technologies are equally visible, or receive significant governmental backing. We think voltage optimisation has been wrongly overlooked.

Cutting costs with Voltage Optimisation

Printing Specialist Cut Costs & Carbon With Voltage Optimisation

This blog details how a printing specialist reduced costs and carbon emissions using voltage optimisation. By optimising the incoming voltage to the precise level needed, the company significantly cut energy expenses and extended the lifespan of its equipment. This solution not only lowered electricity bills but also contributed to a more sustainable operation.

Power Factor Correction

Cutting Bills With Power Factor Correction

Are you looking to cut down on your energy bills? This blog explores how Power Factor Correction (PFC) can help businesses reduce energy costs and improve efficiency.

Power Factor Correction works by optimising the power quality, reducing wasted energy and ensuring electrical systems run more efficiently.


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