The Bart Ingredients Company Case Study

How Bart Ingredients Improved Energy Efficiency With Voltage Optimisation


At PowerDown220, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve sustainability goals without sacrificing performance. Partnering with Bart Ingredients, Bristol, a leading food ingredients company, we tackled the unique energy challenges facing food manufacturers head-on.


Bart Ingredients plays a crucial role in the food industry, supplying high-quality ingredients to food retailers and brands across the UK. However, like many in their sector, they faced hurdles in energy management. Food manufacturing processes are notoriously energy-intensive, requiring precise control and substantial power inputs.


Food manufacturers like Bart Ingredients grapple with several energy-related challenges:

  • High Energy Consumption: The intricate processes involved in food production demand substantial energy inputs, leading to high operational costs.
  • Cost Inefficiencies: Rising energy costs strain profit margins, prompting the need for cost-effective solutions without compromising productivity.


Voltage optimisation technology was identified as a preferred solution. By partnering with Bart Ingredients, we provided a bespoke voltage optimiser to address their specific energy challenges. Our voltage optimisation system fine-tuned their energy usage, ensuring optimal performance while minimising waste.


The results of our collaboration with Bart Ingredients speak for themselves:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: By implementing voltage optimisation, Bart Ingredients achieved a remarkable 7.68% reduction in energy consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Carbon Emission Reduction: Our solution helped Bart Ingredients slash annual carbon emissions by 25 tonnes, making significant strides towards environmental sustainability.
  • Impressive ROI: With a robust ROI of 55.6%, Bart Ingredients realised tangible financial benefits from their investment in energy optimisation.


The partnership between PowerDown220 and Bart Ingredients exemplifies the huge impact innovative energy solutions can have in the food manufacturing sector. By addressing the unique challenges faced by food manufacturers, we’ve enabled Bart Ingredients to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise their environmental footprint. Together, we’re paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in food production.

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